Why You Should Install a SSL Certificate to OS X Server

Why You Should Install a SSL Certificate to OS X Server

With the recent outbreak of the Heartbleed bug, a lot of computer systems have been left vulnerable since their private keys were compromised. Such flaw is a result of a flaw in the code. The bug has unintended consequences and this is often a result of the widespread use of the affected version OpenSSL Software. To find out more reasons why you should install an SSL Certificate to OS X Server, read this article now.

Keep your Server Protected

Keeping your Os X server communications fully protected is just easy with the help of SSL certificates, coming from a third party certification authority. Such certificates are low cost and they work by encrypting email, IM, Wiki, VPN, and several other web based related services. This helps to ensure that communicates are being sent and received in a safe and secure way.

In addition, third party CAs also help gives clients that peace of mind, by assuring them that the server they are communicating has been verified independently in order to give the services that they claim to offer.

Adding an SSL Certificate to the OS X Server

Now that you know the importance of having SSL Certificates on the OS X Server, let us find out how to go about installing this.

  • First of all, launch the server.app and then choose the server that you want to manage.
  • After that, log in with your administrative credentials.
  • Next, click on the “certificates”, right at the Server panel.
  • You will then need to click the plus symbol in order to initiate the CSR wizard or Certificate Signing Request wizard.
  • Follow the steps right after clicking on the “next” button off the CSR wizard in order to create a .CSR file. You will need to use this to verify your server with the third party CA and to generate a valid SSL certificate that you will use for your company.
  • When prompted, key in the information about your organization. Click on the Next button afterwards.
  • You will then find a resulting CSR hash that will be presented in an encrypted version of all the details that you have keyed in on the previous screen. You must make sure to save this file since some Certificate Authorities will need this for verification and others will request that you copy this hash right on the registration page. So save the file and hit “finish” in order to finalize the entire CSR process.

Final Steps of Installation

As soon as the request process is finished, your CSR will then be grayed out and will appear in a pending status which you will find on the Trusted Certificates section. If there is a need to make changes, simply click on the CSR and then hit the cogwheel right at the bottom of the window in order to access the drop down menu. Choose the option that says “view Certificate Signing Request”. As soon as you are done with the process, all services that will rely on communications through the Internet will be encrypted.


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