What is an EV SSL Certificates? Buy Extended Validation SSLs Certificate

An EV SSL certificate or Extended Validation SSL Certificate is a souped up version of the security certificate that all online business owners are using. This is because these kinds of tools use a higher level of security that could only be deciphered or encrypted with the use of a browser that meets the same level.

What is a High Security Browser?

High Security Browsers are those tools used to explore the internet, pretty much the same as the basic internet browser, but have a special kind of setting when handling complex SSL certificates, such as those with extended validations. This is best used by customers and clients who want that little extra for security and data protection. You can see these browsers working and encrypting EV SSL when the URL and the name of the company have appeared and making the whole box green. This feature is now available in most browsers these days, such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox to name a few. This shows that EV SSL is present and functioning.

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What is an EV SSL Certificate?

An EV SSL Certificate is just like an ordinary SSL certificate when it comes to the encryption of data and protection of information in online forms found in the domain of an online business. This kind of certificate still makes hackers and social engineers whack their heads because of data being translated into a group of random characters, which only the private key can unlock. The difference between the two is how High Security Browsers work for the validation of the SSL certificate in confirming the information being carried, which provides a more comfortable feeling to the customer that his or her personal and financial details are safe and protected. Obtaining an EV SSL certificate needs more verification after sending the Certificate Signing Request (CSR) to the issuing company. These include the following:

  1. An established legal identity of the website or business owner
  2. Actual presence of the owner in controlling, updating, and monitoring the website that would be using SSL certificates
  3. Legal documents and forms stating and authorizing the function of representatives and proxies, acting in behalf of the owner in operating the website that would have the SSL certificates in the near future

As the verification and identification steps are more demanding and scrupulous, plus it is also a bit expensive, the necessity of having an EV SSL certificate for the site should be weighed critically. If your business scope is small, then having a standard 128-bit or 256-bit certificate should do since there is no credibility damage in not having such an online security tool. However, for those that operate in global and multinational levels, then acquiring an EV SSL certificate establishes reputation and respect to customers, regardless of location.

High Security Browser and EV SSL Certificates

EV SSL certificates are special that there are only certain internet browsers that can support it, particularly High Security Browsers. The existence of such a certificate can be identified when the browser shows something green on the URL box or on the connection identifier. There are certain codes that exist on both ends, when to identify and display that information necessary to validate the connection. One example is how PayPal interacts with Google Chrome. When you click the identifier at the left end of the URL box, it will state the name of the company, the location of business, the type of SSL certificate owned, encryption level, and more.

Not all browsers have the same capability of detecting such information available. Nevertheless, Internet Explorer 9, Mozilla Firefox 3, and Google Chrome release 13 have been changed and updated into High Security Browsers that can provide the safest information exchange and transaction dealings online. While the colors and the indications are helpful, many others are not conscious of the existence of such valuable tools.

Since most of the famous browsers now support High Security connection, see to it that you use these browsers for your safety, especially in connecting with online businesses that may ask for personal and credit card information. EV SSL certificates are understood expensive, but such an expense for the success of the business, is an investment worth spending.

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What is an EV SSL Certificates?  Buy Extended Validation SSLs Certificate

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