What Is A Shared SSL Certificate? Where to Buy Shared SSL

Shared SSL Certificates are a major category in the types of security certificates available for website owners. However, there are also sub types of a shared SSL certificate. These kinds of certificates are actually necessary if you are selling items and other goods or services on the net. This provides an identification for you to be recognized by customers while protecting their personal or financial information before deals happen. People cannot be deceived because of the manifestations seen in the existence of these tools, thus having it for your website is needed to assure that a business is not a fraud or phishing website that aims to steal an identity.

Depending on your security preference and budget allocation, you may choose whether you would have a dedicated or shared SSL service. The latter may not be as costly as a dedicated SSL certificate, but it assures that the identity of the individual or site owner is intact, creating confidence that business owners would go through lengths of protecting others. More are conscious of their budget, which is why they have chosen sharing that SSL certificate with a hosting service.

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Type of Shared SSL Certificates

  1. Wildcard SSL Certificate: Web hosting services may have a Wildcard SSL certificate at their disposal, allowing users to have their subdomains be added for extra protection instead of getting one dedicated SSL certificate per page, which can be very costly. This only works if you will be given a domain that includes the web hosting service’s domain address, which can be quite tricky especially when you are aiming for a business that is totally yours.
  2. Shopping Cart Shared SSL: This is the usual SSL certificate that your hosting service has already included on the payment. Sometimes, there are companies that issue a Wildcard SSL certificate especially if the cart system is included on the main domain of the web hosting service. As most shopping carts consider SSL a standard, there is no need to setup everything since this is a complementary service of the company knowing how valuable it is for customer data to be safe upon exchange of information through websites that have online forms.

In short, shared SSL certificates are cheaper than the dedicated ones, simply because the SSL certificate is not yours, 100% of the time. Having your SSL certificate included as a bundle from your webhosting service would make things easy, with no additional liabilities required. The charge is already with the bill, guaranteeing that you are protected at all times. They would even take care of the installation and configuration also.

Web Hosts That Offer Shared SSL Certificates

Just so you know, hosting services are those that give spaces and domains online, to establish the customer business in a virtual lot, just like a real store. In order for a site to work, it needs to have an established connection with the server so that the relay of information will benefit the site as it loads items, files, documents, forms, and others. In order for you to have this system for your own, just in case you will hold hundreds of domains, you will need resources that can make a server purchase possible. Instead of handling all the pressure, just having things done with the web hosting services take care of the installation, troubleshooting, and testing to make that certificate work like a charm. A few of these reliable companies are the following:

  • BlueHost: Ever since it was established in 1996, it has already offered reliable security service for quite some time. The rates they have for business, personal packages could go as low as $6.95, and it already includes shared SSL certificates, under their name, to be used for validating information and stressing security. Things become lower with promo codes that are found on the net.
  • Host Monster: This company also began way back in 1996 and has been known for its strictness when it comes to redundancy and preparing backups for use. SSL certificates are already included on the web hosting service monthly fee of $6.95, or it could be lessened because of online promos that the company is presenting to its loyal customers.
  • Lunar Pages: It includes various web hosting services that are perfect for online merchants and traders. While some accounts cost $21.95 a month, solo personnel also can have the service for only $4.95 monthly. There are also chances that dedicated SSL services can be used.

Be sure to check everything you need before getting any web hosting services with SSL, as it may compromise your situation if it can be found out that people letting a shared system be placed to many members can cause compromise. Consider the size, the functions to be done, and other purposes to be met upon planning on which hosting will help the client best.


What Is A Shared SSL Certificate?  Where to Buy SSL Certificate

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