What Is A SGC SSL Certificate?

SGC Certificates, or known as Server Gated Cryptography, is known to be an enhancement for SSL certificates. These kinds of security tools can only be seen in the same place where SSL certificates are being offered because SGCs are being used only to browsers that caters to weak encryption levels. In a way, browsers that cannot comprehend 128-bit or 256-bit encryption are given leeway to have this interpreted via SGC certificates so that it will be able to process more complex data. Since this may be a long-term thing, most developers just get better browsers, and if not, they just customize codes to lessen expenses on their end. It may be easy to have SGC certificates to be tied up with SSL certificates, but it may not be as necessary.

In short, we don’t advise you use a SGC SSL.  It’s old technology.  Avoid, and buy a SSL certificate that will keep your website safe.

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What is the story behind SGC Certificates?

Back in the early 1990s, sending 128-bits or higher encrypted information to other countries was a concern to the US Government, because it may not be read as it is sent, due to technology limitations on other ends. They were forbidden to use lower encryption as it may compromise the stand of confidential data being sent to the information gateway, which may create problems if these are stolen and cracked by hackers. Since most browsers before does not have 128-bit security support, SGC certificates were developed in order to create a path that would enhance old capabilities to interpret higher encryption before reaching the other end of a server. In short, browsers that can only understand 40-bit encryption can step up with codes and other enhancements included on the SGC certificate, which removes the concern for software upgrades or modifications.

Because of the demands of the times where using the internet is becoming widespread to the masses, all over the world, it has been seen that cryptography is now a basic need to millions. A new law has been passed that abolishes the restriction of old browsers not being able to encrypt data with higher security levels. Thus, at the beginning of the new millennium, there were no longer constraints seen on information that have higher security levels, such as 128 bits and higher. Browsers have been optimized to read these codes, for both 128-bit and 256-bit encryption levels. SGC certificates are now a thing of the past, usually used to make ends meet for companies that only support basic encryption capabilities, where issuance is no longer strict like in the old days. It can also be issued by any organization that offers it.

Is there a need to get an SGC Certificate?

Larger support scope only means extra money, especially in the case of adding SGC certificates to an existing SSL certificate, where the cost difference is actually big. Nevertheless, the said purchase may not be necessary since it will only be used if a person or an organization is aware that one of their contacts has old browsers that cannot read high-level encryption, which is rare these days. With new and improved internet browsers that can be downloaded and upgraded for free, most people would not have reasons for keeping outdated internet tools on their end, even if the user were a granny or granddaddy.

Instead of resorting to unnecessary spending, updated web servers should be more than enough to meet demands on all browser levels. Some businesses just include a message of prompting customers to download new internet browsers, in case it has been detected that they are using outdated ones, where vouching for better security and speed always works. Leading them to the browser’s download page makes the upgrading experience even more convenient than it already is.

At the end of it all, SGC certificates would end up useless. They are costs that are unnecessary to bear, and they do not provide the kind of protection customers would really need for their personal and financial information. Modern technology standards have found ways for online business owners to avoid using SGC certificates being tied to better and stronger SSL certificates.



What Is A SGC Certificate?

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