So What Is A Domain Validated SSL Certificate

So What Is A Domain Validated SSL Certificate

During the last few years the use of SSL Certificates by various organizations and businesses has increased.   There are many types of these certificates available, but here we look at what is a domain validated SSL certificate.

These types of SSL certificates are encryption only certificates and don’t come with the kinds of advance features such as the extended validation or organization validation certificates come with this.   As a result in order to obtain one of the Domain Validated SSL certificates requires a business or person to prove that they actually own the domain.

As a result of this it means you can obtain what is a domain validate SSL certificate in a very short space of time, a matter of minutes to be exact.   Plus of course these are the cheapest type of SSL certificates to purchase.    If you want to ensure that you get the best possible domain validated SSL certificate then use a service such as GoDaddy to get yours.  Not only do they offer the best but also the cheapest.  So check out GoDaddy today.

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