HostPapa Web Hosting SSL Certificates: SiteLock Security Seal and Website Monitoring

Is your website at risk of being a victim of cyber crime?

Small websites – which often do not keep up with the latest security patches – are prime targets for hackers and fraudsters. Some vulnerabilities may be exploited by criminals to corrupt your site or use it for phishing, spamming, and other cyber threats.

HostPapa has seen a startling increase in the number of attacks on our customers in the past year. For example, websites developed with WordPress, Joomla, and the thousands of other free scripts available are frequent targets. On March 6th 2012, PCWorld reported that 30,000 WordPress blogs were infected by a cyber criminal gang whose primary goal is to distribute rogue antivirus software. “Many of the blogs compromised in these recent attacks were running outdated WordPress versions, had vulnerable plug-ins installed or had weak administrative passwords susceptible to brute force attacks,” suggests the report. “It seems the attackers are trying everything lately.”

Some of these hijacked websites were even blacklisted by major search engines, including Google, costing owners time and money. If you don’t keep up with the latest security updates, you are at risk!

Click to learn more – HostPapa now offers a simple and affordable solution: SiteLock Security Seal and Proactive Website Monitoring.

For only $14.95 per year, your website will be protected by the very best in enterprise-level website security. And the SiteLock Security Seal will let your website visitors and customers know that you take security seriously.

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Remember, without proper security, any website is vulnerable to an attack.

Whether you’re running a small personal site or a busy e-commerce operation, HostPapa and SiteLock will help you proactively protect your website and your customers. All SiteLock plans include:

Verifiable SiteLock Security Seal
Lets visitors know your site is safe by clearly displaying the SiteLock Security Seal
Deep 360-Degree Site Scan
Scans all your web files thoroughly for possible website vulnerabilities
Proactive Alerts and Instant Notifications
Alert you when something suspicious occurs on your site
Protection from Hackers, Malware, Viruses, Spam, and More
Gives you the information you need to clean your site and keep cyber criminals out

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