A Bit About What Is A UCC SSL Certificate

A Bit About What Is A UCC SSL Certificate

Do you have several domains that require SSL security?  Then the best possible solution would be to use a Unified Communications Certificate (UCC) SSL.   Of course you may be wondering what is a UCC SSL certificate?   Below we explain a little about them.

When you use a UCC SSL certificate it enables you to make use of the SAN (Subject Alternative Name) field in the certificate instead of the common name.    So it enables you to be able to add more specific domain names to just one certificate.    But be aware that those who provide such certificates will only allow a limited number of domains and subdomains to be added.    How many depends on the deal you got on your UCC SSL package.

One of the best providers of UCC SSL certificates is GoDaddy.   Go Daddy UCC SSLs are also really cheap.  Bingo.  So check out GoDaddy now and save some cash.

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Above we have explained a little bit about what is a UCC SSL certificate, but you may be wondering what are the benefits.   Well the main benefit is that using these certificates will save you money rather than having to pay out $150 for each certificate for each domain, your pay out $300 for one of these certificates which allows you to include 3 domain names.

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