Why do I need an SSL Certificate For My Online Business Website?

SSL Certificates may be something not so valuable for those who do not have an idea what it is and what it does for businesses, for customers, and for you. Nevertheless, what SSL really does, in a nutshell, is that it protects the information that you or your eShop customers provide when signing forms or giving away personal and financial details.

Usually, people who establish online businesses think that having products and services, including a good website for show, is enough for customers to be attracted to visit the webpage, and pay for items to be purchased in that shop. However, little do some website owners think that people also consider their safety and security when giving out some information in exchange of purchasing some products. This is where SSL becomes very vital to business, and it is one of the elements in eCommerce that focuses on safety in giving away valuable information such as credit card details, social security numbers, and more.

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What is SSL?

Security Socket Layer (SSL) is a set of digital rules that adds security when a person fills in an online form and shares that information with a buyer or a website owner, which may become unsafe if the data to be sent is not encrypted. While that information is being forwarded to another end of the server, there are instances when hackers could steal that information in the transporting process. If this information were not encrypted, then the hacker would see such details as the person on the other end should see. From addresses, to social security numbers, to credit card and checking account entries, all of that can be stolen and be used by someone else if SSL certificates will not do its role.

The encryption process happens at the time when the data is being sent to another. What happens is that SSL changes characters into something different, preferably, a set of characters and symbols only the other SSL certificate can decode and interpret. If a hacker steals information after SSL alters it, then what he will see are only a set of numbers and letters that would seem useless. A certain key is transported to another end, thus assuring that the data will only be interpreted exactly how the certificate had changed it. Based on security level and price, there are 256-bit encryption, 128-bit encryption, and 40-bit encryption. Of course, it should be understood that the higher the bits are being used for altering data, the more secure and more expensive the SSL certificate will be.

Since customer security and information safety is an investment worth spending, a company may have to shell out a few bucks, say $10 to $1,500 a year depending on the kind of security an SSL certificate may provide, even including its scopes, boundaries, and usage. Standard price for something so decent is about $500 to $800. This amount may mean some investment for something else, like tax payments, nevertheless, having an SSL for an online shop is necessary if you want more customers to buy items and products from you, feeling comfortable in sharing some credit card and personal details online.

Why does your online shop need an SSL Certificate?

When you bring out your money, in a bank for example, would you be comfortable doing transactions in that place without ample security? That is the same feeling of online customers when they are not sure that there are SSL certificates available that would protect them from identity theft or information stealing, which may lead to access on bank accounts, credit cards, and even properties. Businesses should value safety and security as much as customers value their money and products to be bought online. By the mere fact that they see https:// during a transaction is more than enough to make them feel that the business is in good hands.

Aside from protecting information when having it shared to another server, SSL certificates also verify the identity of an individual who uses certain data. Websites are easy to create, thus becoming risky in making transactions online, especially when there are no certificates that can be presented upon the point of sale. You will not know that your information is being stolen, not until you see your bank account or credit card drained to a pulp. There are services that verify SSL certificates, which also validate the genuineness of the business. A valid SSL certificate being provided by these online shops gives that sense of comfort for customers.

Even though SEO services and other means of marketing may reach a lot of consumers to come to your site and purchase items, they may not complete the process if they know that investment of an SSL certificate has not been done. As the internet provides convenience to everyone, doing transactions in the comfort of home, it should also be a place where people should feel secure on anything they do. An SSL certificate is worth the investment where it creates that certain level of credibility and confidence, which attracts buyers in the long run. Taking security lightly may be the downfall of most online businesses out there.


Why do I need an SSL Certificate For My Online Business Website?

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