What is a Certificate Signing Request or CSR? How To Buy SSL

Simply put, a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) is what you need in order for you to have your SSL certificate and have it used for the protection of data and other information in your site as it is shared and provided by customers and clients who fill online forms for product and service purchases.

What is an SSL Certificate?

Security Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates is a kind of digital certificate that protects and verifies data as it is provided and shared inside a particular website, whether for the business or for the customer. Utilizing this certificate enables data encryption to be used in transferring information from the user’s end of the system to the server’s end, by having these details routed on port 443, a secure information pathway. This can be identified either by a seal affixed on the website being presented by the verifying company that the SSL certificate present, can be trusted, or it is seen on the URL where “http://” becomes “https://”. It has been a standard prerequisite these days to check on existing SSL certificate presence before engaging on a transaction for data protection. However, before this tool can be used, interested individuals need to obtain a Certificate Signing Request for validation and personalization of the certificate, which will be done after.

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Certificate Signing Request (CSR)

As personal and site information is needed to be embedded in the SSL certificate for validation, a Certificate Signing Request is necessary to have these details included before the certificate is issued. CSR is utilized for identification of the individual using the certificate, and for determining the public key for encryption and private key for deciphering encrypted data. At the beginning of the process, CSR is being sent to the issuing company, also in an encrypted fashion, for protection. The following details are needed before sending a CSR to the SSL certificate issuing company:

  • Name of the company
  • Designation, position, or department of the individual or group that makes the request
  • Complete address of the physical location of the company or person
  • Main domain name of website to be used

The issuing company may also need more information from the individual or group that processes the CSR to confirm the validity of the details included. It could be proofs of billing, statements, and certifications from the company, or national IDs and social security numbers. Requiring such information may not be asked with standard SSL certificates, but will be applied for those who apply for Extended Validation SSL certificates. As the process of validation is more strict and tight, providing personal information, including that of the main computer to be used for operation, is also necessary. This is vital so that the certificate issued will be as genuine as possible.

Once the signing request has been sent and reviewed, the issuing company will send the SSL certificate either by a link that may require data encryption upon retrieving the SSL certificate, or an email that may request you to enter into their domain and obtain the certificate. Additional assistance may also be provided in configuring settings for the use of the security tool to the website.



What is a Certificate Signing Request or CSR? How To Buy SSL

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