Use GoDaddy SSL Certificates if You Have a GoDaddy Hosted Website

If you’re using GoDaddy web hosting, you should buy and use a GoDaddy SSL certificate.  It just make life so much easier for you as a webmaster and website owner.  GoDaddy will support a GoDaddy SSL certificate installation, and give you the proper customer support.

However, in all honesty you won’t get a high level of customer service if you try to install a 3rd part SSL on a GoDaddy hosted website.  You’ll just get a headache.  If there’s any issues with your SSL installation, GoDaddy technical support will blame the third party SSL and the SSL company will blame the issue on GoDaddy hosting.  You’ll be stuck in the middle trying to referee.  Not a good situation.

In fact, it’s not possible to use a third party SSL certificate with a Go Daddy shared hosting accounts. You can only use a Go Daddy SSL certificate.  Click here a for GoDaddy SSL review.

It is possible to use a Verisign or another company’s SSL on GoDaddy’s virtual or dedicated servers, but not their shared hosting plans.

If you wish to use your current third party SSL certificate you would need to host your website with another provider that allows you to install third party SSL certificates or switch to a virtual or dedicated server with GoDaddy. If you choose to switch to a different hosting provider you can cancel your hosting plan and contact GoDaddy’s support team for a refund on all of the unused months.

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