SSL Certificates Listed As a Top 10 Need For Every eCommerce Website

Mashable recently did a story about 10 essential features every website needs.

It’s no surprise that SSL certificates were listed at #5 –

If you’re selling anything online, you need to put some effort into securing your site with an SSL certificate. The SSL will encrypt communications between you and your clients (i.e. a credit card number, Social Security number), which will allay their fears of providing such information, since there’s so much identity theft on the web. VeriSign, GoDaddy and GeoTrust are good options to explore.

verisign SSL certificate image sign

Some people are questioning if SSL certificates are still needed on website after the rough year SSLs had in 2011.  The answer is most definitely yes.

The CA breaches in 2011 sparked a debate as to whether SSL certificate technology and the entire CA industry that distributes it are fundamentally broken.  Fortunately, the answer is categorically and unequivocally “no.”  SSL technology still provides excellent protection against evolving cyber security threats. With the right tools and processes, CAs are fully capable of providing the greatest assurance possible that their certificates – and the websites that use the certificates – are genuine and safe for online business.


SSL Certificates Listed As a Top 10 Need For Every eCommerce Website

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