Netgear ReadyNAS Duo SSL Certificate Installation Guide

You have a domain name, right?  If no, buy one now before attempting installing your SSL certificate to your ReadyNAS Duo.

A dynamic dns service may not work for you if you have a dynamic ip.  You may need to subscribe to Standard DNS. () worked for me.

How To Install a Go Daddy SSL to Netgear ReadyNAS Duo

Buy a cheap SSL Certificate from GoDaddy.

If you just want the cheapest SSL from GoDaddy, click on this link for $12.99 SSLs, which will take you to a page that isn’t shown on the normal site.  You’ll see a bright yellow area at the top of the page.  Click on the $12.99 SSL and continue to check out.

Generate the CSR from Go Daddy and validate your domain name using their TXT method.  You may copy the generated intermediate and final certificate to one of your shares, eg., Documents.  From there you can move them to the right location.  Note: these instructions use “” as the sample domain.  Obviously replace with your domain name.

Type following command:

netgear readynas duo ssl certificate



where gd_bundle.crt is the intermediate certificate and is the purchased SSL certificate

1. enable SSH access, search prior posts
2. PUTTY , google to download for free, can also try ApacheConf PRO, trial version is free. i only used it to view, not make any changes.
“DO NOT” MAKE CHANGES TO OPENSSL.CONF FILE [/etc/ssl/openssl.conf], as may appear from prior posts, it may have worked for them, but didnt for me, got my cue from this webpage from symantec: []

PUT intermediate certificate “gd_bundle.crt”, final certificate “” and key file “coolexample.key”, the only 3 files in the folder
“certs”[/etc/ssl/certs] using this command:

ssl install for netgear duo


You will get these files from Go Daddy as part of the CSR generation process.

[Replace yourdomain with the domain name you’re securing. For example, if your domain name is, you would type coolexample.key and coolexample.csr]

Working File:

ssl certificate install netgear duo



COPY cp eg.,

netgear readynas duo ssl install






OPEN TEXT EDITOR: vi eg., vi /etc/frontview/apache/httpd.conf
to save changes press esc, then type :wq then hit enter
to exit without saving any changes, hit esc, then type :q! the hit enter
restart server, 1. first kill and then 2. input command [root:~# only means to goto root with cd command first]

ssl certificate for netgear duo






Original httpd.conf file, locate the following directives by scrolling down:

ssl for netgear duo





ONLY changed settings (where xxx is your port – this one is masked for privacy):

readynas duo ssl certificate






Save and exit, restart apache server, using above commands. visit your site over https://


There you go!  Netgear ReadyNAS Duo SSL Certificate Installation Guide



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