How to Keep Your Website and Data Safe From Firesheep Hackers

You don’t want anyone breaking into your personal information.  Neither do your customers.

Firesheep SSL certificateThere’s a new online security threat called Firesheep, which is used to break the privacy of Wi-Fi and wired ethernet networks.  It leaves your business – and popular websites like Twitter, youTube, and Facebook – more vulnerable to session hijacking.  to help protect your business, you need always-on SSL encryption.

It’s now even easier than ever to invade Wi-Fi and wired ethernet networks.  Little programming experience is needed to become an identity thief on unsecured websites.  New programs like Firesheep have dramatically increased the number of hacker break-ins.

Programs like Firesheep allow hackers to:

  • Access another person’s web history
  • Make purchases using someone else’s information
  • Infiltrate and send messages on Facebook and Twitter

With Firesheep, even inexperienced hackers can break into your unsecured web pages to steal sensitive information.  You can protect your customers and your businesses information, and your business reputation, from the perils of Firesheep:

  • You need full end-to-end security including a SSL certificate.
  • You can add a safety measures to your site like a SSL without impacting site performance.

The Firesheep problem is complex.  The solution is simple.  Enable secure, trusted online transactions to protect users’ experiences from beginning to end with a SSL certificate from VeriSign.

Secure all points in your end-to-end user experience with VeriSign SSL today!

Your login and order pages aren’t the only pages at risk.  You need to protect all pages, including your home page.  With VeriSign SSL, you’ll help keep your customers’ information and your company’s bottom line safe from the subtantial damage of cybercrimes.

If you don’t keep customer data safe, you won’t keep your customers.  Learn more about buying SSL certificates now.

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