How Much Do SSL Certificates Cost to Buy?

Price is one of the major determining factors in buying an SSL certificate, especially to small online businesses owners, because every penny being spent on something means a lot to them. Security levels, additional features, and issuing company warranties are a few of the aspects that make the price range on SSL certificates, a rather wide selection. In fact, you can get these tools for as cheap as free and as expensive as $1,500 per year. While you can obtain most certificates with an annual renewal term, there are also those that last for two years.

  1. Security levels are varying based on the number of bits it can alter raw information. The higher the bits are allotted for encryption, the more secure the SSL certificate will be. From 40 to 256 bits, you will have an idea on which of these figures could make the safest and most protected data encryption executed.
  2. Issuing companies have included warranties in the use of their SSL certificates. Such warranties include optimal technical support in case something happens to the security tool, or assurance that the certificates and the data it encrypts are hacker proof.
  3. A dedicated SSL certificate means that you will use the tool for your own website only, owning all rights and abilities of usage, thus being more expensive due to exclusiveness. Shared SSL certificates are those usually provided by hosting services as a way to offer something helpful, while being cost-effective. Wildcard SSL certificates that protect all sub domains included costs differently.

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If you do not want to spend money for something so important, you may get free SSL certificates from organizations and online communities that are not as prominent as those who are selling guaranteed and performing certificates. In addition, the security level it includes may not help as much.

Getting an SSL Certificate of Your Choice

As you think of getting an SSL certificate, consider the nature of the transactions to be done, and the information to be disclosed in obtaining goods and services. The most common kind of certificate people choose are those being provided by web hosting services because it is not as technical as owning a dedicated SSL certificate, which only highly technical people could manage. Although online business owners can get the freedom they want in using an SSL certificate according to their rules of data protection, the price may not be as comforting to handle.

Think of the budget you have allocated for this online security measure, and then look for available options all over the net. Even though 128-bit encryption is already as standard as it would be, the price will still be dependent on the company where the certificate will be purchased. Just like ladies that go for window shopping, keep looking for the best and most preferred SSL certificate suitable for your business and your budget.


How Much Do SSL Certificates Cost to Buy?

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