Go Daddy SSL Certificate Review| Buy GoDaddy SSLs Website Security Certs

Go Daddy SSL ReviewsAs the Go Daddy SSL certificate is being reviewed, it will include some information such as the history of the company, its available products, and services.

GoDaddy History

Ever since it has been established in 1997, GoDaddy has been known for the special products and services it offers for web hosting. The company is also famous because of the Super Bowl commercials they make, which attracts the attention of most NFL fans, especially with the help from their model, Danica Patrick. Their marketing, as well as their webhosting services are superb to most customers, being developed as a company that has a very notable progress when it comes to expansion and improvement, which even made them earn an award for being Top Users’ Choice. Currently, the company is managing 36 million domains, which is a large number compared from the competition. Though this may be their forte, they are also offering other net-related services, such as comprehensive hosting solutions, SSL certificates, eCommerce tools, email systems that have its own anti-spam protection, web creation tools, and more.

GoDaddy SSL Certificates

GoDaddy SSL Certificates have three major classifications and security levels, including the Standard SSL certificates, Deluxe SSL Certificates, and Premium SSL Certificates. Although all of them carries tight security encryption levels from 128 bits to 256 and have almost perfect browser response and interaction, they have their own differences. Every single certificate also comes with unlimited server support on a single SSL certificate, a $2,000 warranty, and a free lifetime reissue period. Here are the differences of the following:

  • Standard SSL Certificates: With a price of $29.99, which is lower than most companies and CAs are offering, it performs very well, especially to web pages that are only requiring of security standards in an acceptable level. This SSL certificate is available to anyone, and the completion of these forms do not need strict verification such faxing documents, giving phone numbers, and more. Nevertheless, upgrading may be considered if one or more subdomains are needed to be covered with the protection being sought.
  • Deluxe SSL Certificates: Since this packs 256-bit security, plus a stricter level of verification with personal and business details, the price is more expensive, beginning at $89.99. With installation and authorization that lasts about 2-4 hours, this certificate aims to protect the data and information of customers, such as payment details or sensitive personal information. GoDaddy offers additional discounts to customers that update their SSL certificate from Standard.
  • Premium SSL certificates: With available upgrading options, and advanced support, this certificate costs $199.99. This is for businesses that have a consistent process of sending and receiving valuable data, whether in form or in online documents. As this includes extended validation, it will present the owner of the domain, in respect to the SSL form created through advanced internet browsers. It can be seen on the upper left part of the URL where it displays differently than green padlocks or https://. These certificates are verified with details being scrutinized by a legal counsel, proving that it really exists.

GoDaddy Unified Communication Certificates (UCC)

Aside from having all of their certificates being sold at friendly prices, their SSL certificates are also Unified Communication Certificates, which can be flexible to use for most online business owners. Over 100 domain names can be tied up with the certificate, making you save money for over many certificates that are supposed to be added with the subdomains. These certificates are also tied up with Microsoft Server 2007, and Microsoft Communication server. All things become simple as the system can manage and monitor SSL certificates that may be close to expiration and even renewal.

Go Daddy SSL Certificate Review

GoDaddy Customer Support

What makes this company noted to many customers in many fields is the high quality of their customer and technical support team. They can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can be connected with various information methods whether by phone or email. Customers can see on the home page of the site, regarding the cue time for answering phone calls, just in case things get crowded. Email responses are read about 4 hours a day, and basic phone services would reach up to 5-10 minutes only.


Go Daddy SSL Certificate Review| Buy GoDaddy SSLs Website Security Cert

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