GeoTrust SSL Certificate Review

GeoTrust SSL Certificate ReviewsGeoTrust is more than just the SSL Certificate company that likes to poke fun of GoDaddy.  Close to last year’s Superbowl, GeoTrust came out with a parody of GoDaddy’s Superbowl ad.  It was funny.  However, I don’t think the GeoTrust management team is laughing much lately.  GoDaddy continues to chip away at the SSL marketplace by lowering prices.  GeoTrust has responded in kind, which has eroded away margins on the SSL certificates they sale.

The original founders of GeoTrust cashed out long ago.  GeoTrust was purchased by VeriSign in 2006.  Thawte is a sister company to GeoTrust post the buy-out.  In 2010, VeriSign sold their security division to Symantec.  So now GeoTrust, VeriSign, and Thawte are all Symantec owned brands.

GeoTrust claims to be the second largest digital certificate provider in the world.  GeoTrust also says they are the “most popular” provider of SSL certificates based on the number of big, popular websites that use their digital certificates.  As we mentioned, GoDaddy is aggressively winning customers in the SSL marketplace, and hurting profitability of the combined Symantec SSL security division.

Is GeoTrust right for you?  If you’re looking for an extended validation SSL, you can try a GeoTrust SSL for free for 30 daysThis is a new offer.  GeoTrust didn’t use to offer a free trial, but they’re doing everything they can to try to keep GoDaddy at bay.

GeoTrust offers 6 different types of SSL certificates.  Click here to check prices (they keep on cutting prices to – you guessed it – compete with GoDaddy, so we didn’t want to list on this review and have to update monthly).

True Business ID with EV
True Business ID SSL Certificates with extended validation is the “turn the browser bar green” SSL offering, and the “recommended” option.  True Business ID SSLs are designed to provide the greatest amount of credibility and security to meet the needs of a single business.  As verification of the business is required to get a EV, it may take anywhere from 1-10 days to issue the SSL.
True Business ID SSL Certificates have over 99% browser compatibility, and remain valid for 1 to 2 years.  We recommend you buy a SSL for longer than a one year term.  Renewing a SSL can be a hassle and takes time, so you’ll be saving time and money by buying a SSL for multiple years.  GeoTrust includes a dynamic date and time site seal and provide up to 256-bit SSL encryption.
As a bonus, the GeoTrust True Business ID SSL Certificates are compatible with mobile devices.  This is big as more and more internet is via mobile device including smart phones and ipads.  The True Business ID can secure up to 25 domain names.   The SSL comes with a $500,000 warranty.
Quick SSL Premium
Quick SSL Premium is a cheap SSL Certificate if you’re not an eCommerce website.  The Quick SSL lives up to its name with issue times as fast as a few minutes.  The dynamic True Site Seal is also included along with:
  • Domain authentication
  • Up to 256-bit SSL Encryption
  • GeoTrust True Site Seal with date/time stamp
  • Issued in minutes
  • $100K USD warranty

Geo Trust SSL Review

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