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Dotster SSL Certificate ReviewsDotster SSL Certificate Review                                                                         

As the Dotster SSL Certificate is being reviewed, most of its background including history, products, and services will be mentioned also. Nevertheless, comparison and features review will be done.

Dotster History

With over three million domains currently served, Dotster Inc. has become one of the largest domain registrars worldwide, since it has been established for operations in 1995. One of the best things it have for being chosen by so many people is that aside from providing exceptional webhosting services, the company has been accredited and as an ICANN domain registrar. Over the years, it has expanded its customer reach, including products and services that aim to reach and serve clients everywhere such as website security, online advertising, web design, webhosting, and domain services. They have, on their disposal, an amazing sales team, a comprehensive knowledgebase, email support, step-by-step video guides, and 24/7 customer service which can be accessible via email, live chat, and toll free phone calls. Despite of the many things they offer, the focus will be on their SSL products and services.

Dotster SSL Certificates

Knowing that reputation and customer satisfaction is their main goal, Dotster sells SSL certificates that are being created by VeriSign and GeoTrust.

When you purchase an SSL certificate from GeoTrust, you get their True Site seal, including a stamp of the time and date when the certificate was completed, tested, and verified. Nevertheless, if you wanted to test it out first to see if it works out for you, they also have a 30-day trial period for using their Quick SSL Premium Certificate, which you can continue to use after purchase on the 30th day.

GeoTrust SSL Certificate Types

  • Quick SSL Premium: This certificate is designed for those customers who just wanted to have something vital for the security of the information being processed online, only containing a standard level of encryption for data. For $89 a year, it carries a 256-bit encryption level, completion can be done in minutes, and it does not have any extended validation, which does not demand for other credentials or documents for verification. As this is the most basic, GeoTrust offers its customers for a 30-day trial period.
  • True BusinessID: This certificate is for companies that wanted to show their identity to customers through authentication and full encryption of data being shared online. It can be advantageous for those who require credit card or bank account information to exchange products and services with interested individuals. For $199 a year, it has 256-bit encryption and also demands documents and other legal manifestations for secure validation. Completion is about 2-3 business days.
  • True BusinessID with EV: This is the upgraded version of the True BusinessID SSL certificate, but it includes extended validation. This feature is activated for advanced security browsers such as Internet Explorer 7, Mozilla Firefox 3, or Google Chrome when customers see both the address bar turning green and showing company information on the search bar or the name of the company appearing in a green box on the left end section of the URL box. Extra protection for customers includes anti-theft and anti-phishing mechanisms. This service guarantees transaction completion and turnaround at high percentage rates. With this kind of security, it costs $799 per year and will demand full company and business verification which may take about 3-5 business days.
  • True BusinessID Wildcard: This certificate is also made for companies that would like to utilize extended validation and full authentication on both data transfer and company identity, being expanded into subdomains included on the main website. As it utilizes more numbers in a single SSL certificate, the annual fee for this security tool is about $839 and will be completed in 3-5 days, depending on the verification process to be completed.

VeriSign SSL Certificate Types

  • Secure Site: More focused on the security of the website when it comes to information exchange and data safety, this is perfect for businesses who would like to increase traffic for more visitors and utilizing high encryption levels without too much verification and authentication of the eCommerce website. With encryption levels up to 256-bits, it costs $559 per year, and will not need document verification.
  • Secure Site with EV: This is the upgraded version of the Secure Site, but includes Extended Validation, which undergoes extensive identity authentication of the business and is shown by a green bar on the browser. It will need document validation and other verification means for it to be created. It costs $1399 per year.
  • Secure Site Pro: This certificate is for companies that require customers to disclose some sensitive information, such as credit cards, bank accounts, SSNs, and personal details, and have them protected with maximum online security. It is perfect for addressing diverse computer usage environments such as being used in the home, publicly, or for business. It is also adaptive with low-end browsers from other companies because it already includes Server Gated Cryptography, and enables 128 or 256-bit encryption depending on the capability of the browser concerned. There is guarantee that customers will have confidence in making transactions with the presence of this security tool being seen in browsers and on the website. It costs $995 a year.
  • Secure Site Pro with EV: An upgraded version of the Secure Site Pro, it also processes and protects sensitive information with the utilization of 128 to 256-bit encryption levels, and also has international support with SGC for low-end business browsers. Company is fully authenticated, showing vital information through green address bar presence. It costs $1499 per year and it will demand legal documents and other verification processes to complete the certificate in days.


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