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As the Comodo SSL Certificate will be reviewed, all certificate types will be discussed and pointed out, including those that have trial periods, which customers really love. Information about the company will be conferred and all the products and services included.

Comodo SSL Company History

Comodo is a privately held company that has been focused on identity and trust assurance services for many domain-owning customers ever since it was established back in 1998. Due to their pursuit of becoming an industry leader in this field, their SSL certificates, computer software, and other products have been recognized as one of the best in the world. Despite of having their online threat products being used and installed for over 10 million times, it comes only to second from VeriSign.

Comodo’s line of security products and services have been patronized and purchased by customers due to the rising incidents of identity and financial information theft occurring on many instances. eCommerce sites these days, including online shoppers, make it a point that the sites being created and visited are protected with SSL certificates to assure that information being shared through servers will only be used by the concerned party, and not hackers or social engineers.

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The reason why Comodo has been an industry leader when it comes to issuing SSL certificates is their wide array of selections for customers, which depends on the security level, validation processes, scope, and price. They have nine currently sold, and all of them have many benefits for the customers, including:

  • PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) Solutions Expert with more than 10 years of experience
  • Certificate Management that saves customer time and money
  • Strongest SSL encryption with 128 or 256-bits with SGC (Server Gated Cryptography)
  • Flexible and Innovative Solutions to address any business need
  • 99.3% browser recognition
  • PKI Management Tool custom configuration

All of these mentioned benefits only indicate that everything is provided for both small and large businesses, no matter what kind of needs are being demanded. Due to their wide selections, you can get what you want without spending too much money for online security. In fact, many of their certificates are more than adequate to address the concern of the average online business owner. Even with Fortune 500 companies that have stricter standards for security compliance, Comodo’s experience in handling companies of various size make them flexible of meeting any demand.

Being aware of the challenges in security being faced by majority of financial institutions, businesses, and corporations worldwide, they know how vital it is to have that trust established with customers, assuring that they are safe when making transactions online. Comodo is perfectly conscious of such issues, that they are serving hundreds of financial groups in many nations all over the globe with the use of SSL certificates that are catered to such sensitive clients. Research and improvement is a great deal with this company, creating and developing more products and services that assure customer and business safety in a dangerous and risky online world.

Aside from financial institutions, Comodo also serve private and public educational facilities that store sensitive data relating to personal identification. They cater this group from school districts to prominent and well-recognized universities, knowing that online data protection is of great concern not only in the administrative nature of the business, but even during teaching opportunities where teachers and students are using computers for teaching opportunities. Comodo’s SSL certificates and Endpoint security provide protection even in intranets and limited online access.

Government agencies have sensitive information such as social security numbers, which are held important as identity markers for many people. In order to assure that all personal details are safe and protected from advancing hackers and thieves, Comodo has developed products that offer high-end security without compromise, which covers local, state, and national government levels.

Here is the list of all the nine SSL Certificates available on their website.

  • Free SSL Certificate with no trial period
  • Comodo SecureMail with no charge
  • Comodo Elite SSL at $179.80/year
  • UC (Unified Communication) Certificate for $235/year
  • Content Verification Certificate at $250/year
  • Multiple Domain Certificate at $270.60/year
  • EV (Extended Validation) SSL Certificate for $359/year
  • Wildcard SSL Certificate at $779.80/year
  • Multi-domain SSL Certificate at $809.10/year

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