Why it’s a Risk to Run an eCommerce Website Without a SSL Certificate

Why it’s Too Big of a Risk to Run an eCommerce Website Without a SSL Certificate

A lot of people these days make use of the Internet for their financial transactions and shopping. But then, some are still worried to do so due to the prevalence of virtual attacks such as identity theft that steal valuable information online. These cyber crimes are rampant on the World Wide Web so being victimized by these crimes can be a day to day scenario. Due to these, SSL certificates become very useful and necessary. If you are engaged in e-commerce and you wish to boost your sales and help make your customers feel secured then you must make an effort to take extra measures to ensure that their personal information will be not be intercepted by unauthorized parties.

The Power of Encryption

SSL actually stands for Secure Socket Layer which works by encrypting valuable information. Simply put, encryption means providing a wall all throughout the server and browser so that the data that are passing through these channels remain private and protected. These certificates serve as a guard to keep all information such as credit card numbers off limits to unauthorized entities.

With this, the server of the website clients are dealing with will have the access to the data that have been provided. Some may wonder why its too big of a risk to run an eCommerce website without an SSL certificate. Well, without these certificates, all the confidential data that travels on the web will be highly visible and accessible to anyone, making these files unsecured and prone to cyber attacks. Hence, a lot of online users as well as online business providers have taken advantage of SSL certificates for the best security.

How to Make a Purchase?

Since it is really risky to run an online business without SSL certificates, it is highly advised to acquire a certain package for your business. It is not really that hard to purchase digital certificates since you only have to follow certain instructions. Typically, SSL certificates are valid for a period of one year but there are also others that are valid for three years or so.

Basically, all you need to do is to secure the private key and the CSR or Certificate Signing Request from the Certificate Authority and your web hosting service will generate the digital certificate for your business website. The price of these certificates varies depending on the level of encryption of the package that you choose and all the added features.

What Happens Next?

Once you have the SSL certificate on your business website, you are certain that all the data passing through the servers and browsers are highly secured. Customers will also get to see that your website is trustworthy through visual cues like the “HTTPS” in the URL instead of the usual “HTTP”.

There are also certificates like EV that turns the address bar to green which make it easier for clients to see that they are protected. The web is full of changes and as it advances there are also people who are more than willing to device ways on how to steal information so if you mean serious business then keep up with the latest security tools and keep your business and your clients well protected.


Why it’s a Risk to Run an eCommerce Website Without a SSL Certificate

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