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In order for you to buy an SSL certificate for your online business, you need to meet certain requirements for you to be qualified of having one. And since these tools provide the best kind of security that gives peace of mind to online shoppers and customers, getting one for your business is no option. You will need to know what these requirements are, so that you will be able to get one and make your way to success.

When you are planning to create an online business that would be accepting credit cards and electronic checks, including social security numbers, then having an SSL certificate would be more than just necessary. These certificates help customers become more confident in making transactions online because they know that their information is protected from hackers. It assures security by transporting encrypted data via port 443, which is a safe data pathway. If you do not have this installed in your domain, then people will see prompts in their internet browsers that your site is not protected, thus, making them leave even if you have promising selections for selling products and services. You might be losing customers this way.

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What is the purpose of an SSL Certificate?

SSL certificates do two things to your site and your business. One, it verifies your identity as it is included on the certificate and two, it secures online transactions through the process of data encryption, making data useless for hackers just in case it is taken away during the process of transport.

  1. The Certificate Authority that issues SSL certificates are trusted third party services, and they attach special identifiers about the website using the certificate, the server being used, or even the computer being utilized for business operation. It makes you and your business become identified to customers, and it makes them feel at ease.
  2. The other thing that SSL certificates does is it encrypts data, creates keys on the user’s and receiver’s end, and transports data as it has been encrypted and deciphered as it arrives on another end. Encryption is when a certificate changes the value of raw data such as texts and numbers into randomized characters, which can only be deciphered with keys being generated by the certificate also.

What are the SSL Certificate Requirements?

To buy an SSL certificate from a Certificate Authority, you will need to submit some information for the company to verify details about you and your business. You should generate data that is needed to create a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and submit it to the CA. CSR is generated depending on the operating system of the computer and the properties of the server. Nevertheless, there are information that will be taken from all sources.

  • The name of your website or the domain name is required. Remember to provide the name of the domain that has the payment information present since this is where sensitive information is given by customers.
  • Providing details about the company should also be done. You need to give out the official business name or the department in which the person is associated with. Since the certificate will be done electronically, special characters like &, -, @, cannot be accepted since it will not be accepted by the system. Owners need to make a compromise on how to keep the business name intact while removing these characters. Physical address of the person and the business is needed also. Abbreviations are also not allowed for data and detail consistency on all dimensions.
  • Contact information for verification is also needed, although it will not be included in the creation of the SSL certificate. This is because CAs may need to contact their clients at any given reason. An email address, a phone and fax number might be required also.

Once the CSR has been generated, it can now be submitted to the Certificate Authority to have the SSL certificate created. Once the process is completed, the certificate will be sent via email or a direct download from the website. Instructions are also provided by the CA to make the installation process easy.

Installment of the SSL certificate will be easier when the said tool is obtained from a web hosting service, as they would complete the setup included with the purchase of the product. The costs may even be lessened as they include the shared SSL certificate to be used. You may need to pay for a year’s worth of use, and sometimes may be two years, depending on the terms upon purchase. Think of the investment you need to make whether to save money with shared SSL or make the financial move for flexibility with dedicated SSL.


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