Facebook SSL Certificate| What Kind of Cheap SSL to Buy for Facebook Pages

October 1,2011 is the date Facebook has mandated that all custom pages be hosted on a secure server.  So if you own a custom Facebook page, you need to make some changes if you’re not already using a SSL certificate for Facebook Pages.

Why Do You Need a SSL Certificate for Facebook Pages Background

In February of 2011, Facebook updated the way custom Facebook Pages are made (they used to be called “Fan Pages”, but Facebook shortened the name and now just calls them “Pages”).  “Tabs”, “Facebook welcome pages”, “Facebook landing pages” are all different names people use to refer to Pages.   Some people even refer to the Pages as applications or apps.  However, a Page is not a profile.  Profiles are for people, and it’s against Facebook policy to create or have a profile for a business.  A company or organization should have a Facebook Page.  One of the changes is that Facebook dropped support for FBML (Facebook Markup Language ) and instead now support Iframes.

Around the same time, Facebook updated some of their security features.  When Facebook visitors update their security settings in their account settings, often they are no longer able to see your business Facebook Page unless it is secured with an SSL certificate.  You obviously want people to see the Facebook Page you spent so much time on.  So what should you do?

What Kind of SSL Certificate Should You Buy for Facebook?

You need to buy a Facebook compatible SSL certificate.  In fact, Facebook has already mandated that all custom pages be secured with SSL technology.  So you don’t have much of a choice, unless you want to get rid of your Page, which I’m sure you don’t.

*** So what kind of SSL certificate works with Facebook?  Luckily, GoDaddy’s cheap domain SSLs do the trick.  There’s no need to buy an overly expensive SSL.  If you click on this link, you’ll be taken to a page that lists a $12.99 SSL.  Score!  Just look at the yellow section at the top of the page.  You’ll see the link for the $12.99 SSL certificate from GoDaddy. ***

Go Daddy SSL Certificate Review

Note:  if your site has subdomains that also need to be secure, you need to get the premium UCC SSL from GoDaddy.

You can then use this SSL to secure your domain or hosting server you use to store all the files, pages, images, photos, video, etc. that make up a Facebook Page.  If you already have a custom Page, then you already have a domain. You will add the SSL to that domain. If you’re not sure what to do, your hosting company can assist you.  They’ll most likely try to get you to buy a SSL from them, but it will be a lot more expensive than the GoDaddy $12.99 option.

Every time you make a new Facebook custom page, you can setup a new folder on the same domain.   That way you only have to buy one SSL.  SSL just stands for Secure Socket Layer.  SSL technology has been in use on the internet since way back since Netscape was the most popular web browser.  In fact, Netscape invented SSL.

By buying a GoDaddy SSL and installing it on the web server used for your Facebook apps by October 1, you will meet Facebook’s security requirements.  All Facebook applications are required to have SSL certificates to ensure secure browsing over Facebook. Learn more here.

Since Facebook considers a custom page created with iframes to be an application, the server that your page is hosted on must have a SSL certificate; otherwise, people won’t be able to view your page.  Once you have the SSL certificate, fill out Facebook’s Secure Canvas URL and Secure Page Tab URL fields for your application to be in compliance with the new rule and to actually complete the build of a new Facebook app page.



Facebook SSL Certificate| What Kind of Cheap SSL to Buy for Facebook Pages.  Facebook SSL information to save you money and make sure your Facebook Page will get traffic. Best cheap SSL certificate to buy for Facebook…

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