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What is an SSL Certificate Authority and who has the authority to permit certificates to be used by online businesses? As SSL certificates are necessary for the protection of customers who are placing their personal and financial information in online forms, it is vital that a domain owner should choose a proper Certificate Authority to issue a powerful and reliable SSL certificate. Owning this will do two things for your business and other transactions with clients online.

  1. The presence of this certificate validates to customers of your existence and identity where the name of the certificate owner will appear, as well as the level of security involved. It provides confidence to customers knowing that a business regards identification protection as an important investment.
  2. It makes transactions secure by encrypting the data to be sent to another server by transforming raw data, such as name, address, social security number, or credit card number, into a set of coded characters, which hackers will not be able to decode. Unless the key created in the transport session is used to decrypt data, only then will the details have value.

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At this time and age where hackers depend on other people’s identity to access banking and credit card accounts, it will be hard to customers if they make a transaction with a business, whose website is not protected from evil online elements. They would not have to make this mistake nevertheless, because browsers these days prompt people when they enter a page that is not protected with SSL certificates, which could possibly compromise their situation. These certificates can be purchased or obtained from authorities that have access to provide SSL certificates that assure security and safety to people. It cannot be anyone since a Certificate Authority must be verified before processing anything for issuing these certificates.

What is a Certificate Authority?

A Certificate Authority (CA) is often represented as a party that validates the transaction before everything else happens. Their work is usually seen on the upper left corner of an internet browser where something green appears, whether it may be a green padlock, the https:// gateway, or the green boxes that display the name of the company that uses online security. These third party services are used to make sure that all information to be filled in and sent to another end of a server would be protected through encryption. These parties sell its services for everyone concerned. Some of the known Certificate Authorities are VeriSign, Thawte, GeoTrust, GoDaddy, and Comodo, are few of the many others who sells SSL certificates. As you purchase these certificates, it is installed to the website, and then it becomes active whenever a person accesses a more secure part of the page, such as completing transactions with an electronic shopping cart.

Aside from selling certificates and services, certain CAs offers their services for free, making people experience SSL encryption and security in a low risk level. However, taking this step demands trust, putting the position of the business and its customers in compromise. Some people may have that trust due to the number of people that believes in the good name that has been established. How challenging this can be? As you go to sites that have free SSL certificates and have questionable identities, the browser will flash a page whether the user would or would not continue access, opening risks for data theft.

Aside from CAs, government agencies and other online communities may issue other SSL certificates. Although there are services available that can create personal SSL certificates, it may be questioned when browsers detect them. It may provide inconveniences when browsing sites, but there are some people that does not mind these warnings and place their confidence in the word and promise of a particular company or online business owner. Remember that these certificates have been made to verify and confirm that the eCommerce website are existing and real.

What does a Certificate Authority do?

A Certificate Authority follows some steps to verify the identity and presence of the website or domain, assuring that browsers will be able to present information legitimate enough for customers to accept and take note of. One of the things they do is to protect online transactions as end users access the more secure parts of a website. They also encrypt the information being keyed in online forms, making sure that it will be useless to hackers, but will only be interpreted as it reaches the other end of the server. They generate keys so that data will be broken and restructured only good for the server that requires it, making it useless for hackers who steal data during the transport process.

Standard encryption these days is 128-bits, which means that every character will be changed and altered with 288 combinations, making it virtually impossible to break regardless if the computer would be used is fast or the brilliance of the hacker is beyond ordinary.  GoDaddy is a SSL certificate authority.  Get GoDaddy SSL coupons.



Buy SSL Website Security From a SSL Certificate Authority

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