Best Certificate Authority to Buy SSL Certificates From

One of the most essential investments in creating an online business is the purchasing of an SSL certificate for the sake of protecting both the integrity and credibility of the eCommerce market, and the vital information of customers. SSL certificates, or an abbreviation of Security Sockets Layer, are used to encrypt information from an online form to the server, ensuring that social engineers or hackers will not be able to use stolen transported data, which only appears as jumbled numbers, letters, and symbols. The presence of such certificates can be seen at the URL where “http://” becomes “https://” knowing that the page is “secure” and “safe”.

When buying an SSL certificate, you may need to consider the level of protection you need, the number of sub domains you may need to have the SSL certificate applied to, including the price of the certificate to be purchased. There are many companies out there that claim they have the best, however, only five have proven their worth, having trust and customer confidence as their foundation of a good business.

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Best SSL Certificate Providers to Buy From:

  • GoDaddy SSL review: Despite of the company being associated with domain selling, and webhosting services, GoDaddy also sells SSL certificates that can be reliable for online transaction safety and protection. Customers also prefer buying certificates in this company due to the popularity it has garnered from many customers, over the years. Plus, the price is not that burdensome to the pocket.
  • VeriSign review: Seen in many electronic banking services, online shopping sites, and credit card stores, VeriSign has been one of the most noted and famous when it comes to selling and verification of SSL certificates. Due to the huge and prominent clients it caters, this company has the best, yet the most expensive security tools available. Nevertheless, you can choose between 56-bit to 256-bit encryption, depending on the size of the business and the limitations of your budget.
  • Thawte: Protection has its price and this can also be seen in this SSL Certificate provider. Nevertheless, trust and credulity is too little of a price to pay rather than losing customers and ending the business too soon, because of unsafe information exchange.
  • Comodo: Offering a wide range of SSL certificates for small businesses and wee customers, Comodo has everything available when it comes to security capabilities and low cost.
  • DigiCert: With a great reputation for customer service and technical support, DigiCert is a good place to buy SSL certificates that can be depended on. Everything is mid-priced, if you consider business relationship and online protection a great investment.

Best Certificate Authority to Buy SSL Certificates From


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