SSL Certificate for Exchange Server. Request via Exchange or IIS?

SSL Certificate for Exchange Server.  Request via Exchange or IIS?

When purchasing an SSL Certificate for Exchange Server, you might wonder and ask ‘Do I need to make a request via Exchange of IIS?’ Because you might wonder if this will affect the process of purchasing and installing your SSL Certificate, you would want to know whether you have to choose one of the two.

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Creating a Certificate Signing Request

Creating a Certificate Signing Request is crucial in installing an SSL Certificate not only for Exchange Server but also for any kind of use. This is the file that you have to submit to the Certificate Authority of your choice to be able to get the certificate files.

The files that you will receive after submitting the CSR will be the ones that you have to upload to your server to be able to protect your connection. Thus, having a Certificate Signing Request is important.

  • Exchange or IIS

Because you are going to install the SSL Certificate on an Exchange Server, you might think that you need to use Exchange for creating a Certificate Signing Request or CSR. But, you really do not have to choose the appropriate one.

Both can be used to issue a Certificate Signing Request. Whether you are using Exchange or any other type of software, you will be able to use Exchange and IIS in issuing a CSR. There is no real difference when you use one over the other, which is great since you do not have to use a specific application.

This means that you can use the software that you are used to using and not just something that you still have to learn more about.

  • SSL Certificate Info

When you have finally decided which one you should use in creating a Certificate Signing Request, you can now create your own. Just ensure that the information that you will provide on your CSR is the same as the one that you have provided on your SSL Certificate. Because the information that you will put on each form will be checked to ensure that both are from the same entity or person, you need to make sure that all the information that you put into your CSR are the same with the ones you have provided elsewhere.

Having different information will not only lead to confusion but will also result in the rejection of your Certificate Signing Request. You may also encounter problems regarding your SSL Certificate installation since there are errors on the information that you have provided.

When using SSL Certificate for Exchange Server, ensure that you are using the proper type of SSL Certificate to ensure your connection’s security. But do not worry, because these kinds of connection only need standard SSL Certificates most of the time. This means that you can use a standard SSL Certificate for your Exchange server, which will make things a whole lot easier for you. You do not have to ask ‘Make a request via Exchange or IIS?’ And you also can use any kind of SSL Certificate that you like, as long as it is compatible with your chosen application.

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