GoDaddy SSL Certificates Vs Verisign SSL Certificates – Why People Choose GoDaddy

GoDaddy SSL Certificates Vs Verisign SSL Certificates – Why People Choose GoDaddy

Many people looking to purchase SSL certificates are torn between those offered by GoDaddy and those offered by Verisign.   As a result many people want to know more about GoDaddy SSL Certificates Vs Verisign SSL Certificates.   There are certain reasons why people choose to purchase GoDaddy ones over the Verisign ones and vice versa.

The main reason that the battle between GoDaddy SSL Certificates vs Verisign SSL certificates seems to becoming down on the side of the GoDaddy is of course the cost.   To purchase one of their SSL certificates will cost you only a 1/3 of what you would have to pay for a Verisign one.

Also another reason why people are choosing to invest in GoDaddy SSL Certificates is that this company now offers UCC (Unified Communications Certificates).   These kinds of SSL certificates allow you to secure multiple domains and hostnames within a domain.   In fact this type allows you not only to secure the primary domain but a further 99 additional subject alternative names to the one certificate.

So while it’s true that Verisign SSLs have more inherent trust, this Verisign advantage may be going away.  Symantec, the company that purchased the Verisign SSL division, is rebranding the Verisign SSLs to match Symantec branding.  It will be interesting to see if consumers still recognize and assign the same value to trust to the new Symantec SSL certificates.

So, if you want to save some money, buy a GoDaddy SSL certificate now.

If you are most concerned about site conversion rate, buy a Verisign SSL certificate.

Go Daddy vs Verisign SSLs


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