Dedicated SSL vs. Shared SSL Certificate Comparison| Which to SSL to Buy?

Both dedicated and shared SSL certificates offer security to online businesses and its customers. However, understanding the difference with the two will provide you a more concrete reference whether you will need something dedicated or shared from other ends.

Aside from installing electronic shopping carts or enhancing the overall appearance of a website, purchasing an SSL certificate is also an important investment. Buying a Secure Sockets Layer certificate assures you that the information your customers share or provide through forms, are protected as it is encrypted before being sent to your server. The data may be stolen by hackers, but they will not have any use for it because it has been coded, which can only be interpreted with the right server that has the corresponding key, coming from the certificate concerned. It also shows the site identity to the customers.

SSL certificates cannot be taken so lightly because clients will do everything they can to protect their money and their identity. Therefore, if a person sees that you are offering enticing goods and services, they may go away because they would not like to take the risk of having their data stolen, due to the absence of these online security tools. They would not have to think twice about it since identity theft is one of the largest noted cybercrimes ever to compromise internet users.

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How do you get an SSL Certificate?

First of all, you come to Certificate Authorities to state that you will need an SSL certificate for your domain. After doing that, you will need to provide some information about your computer, your online business, and yourself so that they could include details on the certificate to be created. Once done, you will be issued a code, which you will need to use to install SSL certificates through your domain’s control panel or through a hosting service. It costs money; nevertheless, the investment is all worth it. You will purchase the certificate, and then you need to renew the service, usually in an annual basis. The costs will depend on the kind of SSL certificate, the level of security, and the reputation of the CA that gave you the security tool.

You may think of getting free SSL certificates, but it is not worth the trouble especially that you are putting your business and your customers at risk. You may get a shared SSL certificate if you really wanted to cut down on the cost and save some money, rather than spending too much with a dedicated SSL certificate.

What is a Shared SSL Certificate?

From the simple sense of the word, it is an SSL certificate that you get to share with a few people. What they do is that they let online businesses use the certificate for a smaller fee, which can be better than having no quality security at all.

The only thing that may make online business owners think twice is that the name of the actual business, or your name, or your location, is not listed or noted upon the confirmation of the existence of the SSL certificate. The data of the one who owns the certificate usually appears. This may be alarming to some, especially if the business is offering a wide range of products, and the reputation of the company is exceptional. Some see it that when the shared certificate expires, it also touches your website security, which can be a problem. On most cases, hosting services are the ones who offer shared SSL certificates, which are usually charged with a small fee that is included with the monthly or annual hosting fee.

Dedicated SSL Certificate

Purchasing this kind of certificate only means that you own it, 100% of the time, including rights, access, and details. All the information provided to the CA will appear as what has been given previously. Due to these privileges, a dedicated SSL certificate costs a lot more than a shared SSL certificate. Nevertheless, you are your own king when it comes to security, making your feel more at ease, even if you go to one web hosting service to another. Once customers enter into your site and see the company name and the owner, then people are more confident in making transactions as the certificate is verified genuine. You can also flex your level of security according to the site preference and information sensitivity level.

After all that has been said, the choice between the two will only depend on the financial resources available. One may tolerate it if customers would see that the web hosting service owns the SSL certificate while another may think that seeing his pride of ownership would improve his business. Even though there is assured assistance with the setting up of a dedicated SSL certificate to the website or domain, others think of getting a shared SSL certificate because the installation part is taken care of by the company that lends the use of the certificate.

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