Buy SSL Certificate: Understand What You Are Purchasing

For majority of organizations and businesses, there is an inherent need for them to buy a SSL Certificate primarily to allow for a more secured connection with their clients and stakeholders.  Basically, it is important to understand that the SSL Certificate will allow you to safely accept more private information from online users.

This type of security is a protocol that is understood by both web servers and web browsers.   Because of the number of companies that offer this type of certificate, it is important to understand what you are buying.

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Essentially, majority of web browsers are shipped out with a number of root certificate authorities that identify which sites can be trusted.  This is important to instruct the web browser what sites can be readily accessed without any inherent danger.

With a certificate that is not signed by any of the recognized authorities, the web browser will immediately issue a warning to the online user or at times even refuse to route the connection to the desired websites.

Types of Best SSL Certificates for Sale to Choose from

When you buy SSL Certificates, it is necessary to understand that you are actually buying the right one for your needs.  This means that you have to consider if your organization only wants confidentiality (encryption), use SSL enhanced trust for security and identity to prove they are a legitimate organization.  You can learn more with our SSL certificate buying guide articles.  There are three common types of SSL Certificates to consider:

  • Extended Validation SSL Certificates – this type undergoes checking by the Certification Authority to ensure that the applicant has the right to use the domain name.  It also makes use of thorough vetting of the organization.  The process of issuance is based on strict guidelines formally ratified during the Browser Forum in 2007.

The EV SSL Certificates initially verifies the legality, physical, and operational existence of the applicant.  The identity of the applicant is cross-checked with the official records.  It is important that exclusive rights for the use of the domain are established during the verification process.  Finally, it is verified if the applicant has been properly authorized for the issuance of the EV SSL Certificate.

The EV SSL Certificates can be made available for virtually all kinds of businesses as well as government entities regardless whether they have been incorporated or not.  A separate of auditing guidelines is specified by the Certification Authority to ensure that proper auditing steps will be done prior to the issuance of the certificateAuditing is done annually to preserve the integrity of the process of issuing EV SSL Certificates.

  • Organization Validated SSL Certificates – under this type of certificate, the Certification Authority verifies the right of the applicant to the domain including vetting of the organization.  More vetted company information can be displayed to the customers upon clicking the Secure Site Seal.  This is part of the enhanced visibility to ensure that whoever is behind the site will also be accessible as part of the enhanced trust process.

The enhanced trust process means that your website visitors will be able to see the vetted company details.  The enhancement of the trust that will be placed by visitors to your website will allow for more confidence in terms of transacting with your business.  The OV SSL Certificate ensures additional integrity to your overall online presence and legitimacy.

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Domain Validated SSL Certificates – with DV SSL Certificates the Certification Authority verifies the right of the applicant to make use of specific domain names.  The company identity information will not be vetted and correspondingly, no information will be displayed except for the encryption information in the Secure Site Seal.

This type of certification helps to ensure your customers that secure sensitive information sent online will not be susceptible to fraud and data breaches.  This is done by applying the strongest encryption method available from credible security providers.  This goes a long way to securing account logins, network traffic, webmail, online services, and e-commerce transactions in a matter of minutes.

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It is important to note when choosing what to buy among these three SSL Certificate types that both Organization Validated and Domain Validated SSL Certificates are considered as Standard SSL Certificates as opposed to the Extended Validation SSL Certificates.

Types of Domain Validated and Organization Validated SSL Certificates

For companies or organizations that will be choosing either OV or DV SSL Certificates, it is necessary that there are sub-types of these certificates that you need to consider.

  • Wildcard SSL Certification – this is a single SSL Certificate that is capable of securing unlimited subdomains.  This helps to save time and money in the administration of the website by using the Wildcard SSL option.  A single Fully Qualified Domain name, including its subdomains benefit from the issuance of a Standard SSL Certificate.
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The Wildcard SSL option allows for the use of a wildcard (*) character to get around restrictions for a website.  The beauty of this solution lies on its simplicity where a common name certification is used.  When you buy SSL Certificate with a Wildcard SSL option, you can secure unlimited subdomains with one SSL Certificate, eases SSL and IP Address management, and secures future subdomains.

  • Multi-Domain (Unified Communications Certificate) SSL Certificates – the UCC SSL Certificate can be used to secure a maximum of 40 domains or server names in one certificate.  This helps in the building of customized SSL Certificates which are simple to install and use.
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They are commonly designed for implementation in an Exchange Server or Office Communication Server 2007 or 2010 version.  This is considered more secure than the Wildcard SSL option because it is customized to the security requirements of your server.

The choice to buy best SSL Certificates under the UCC framework will allow for the protection of up to 40 multi-level subdomains including different levels of subdomains while maintaining constant support for all levels.  You also gain the benefit of adding publicly accessible IP addresses as well as local host names.

Differences in Visual Indicators

When you buy a SSL Certificate, the type will also dictate the type of visual indicators that your website visitors will have.  Knowing the difference can help in your decision what to purchase.  You should also know you don’t have to buy a SSL certificate from your web hosting provider.  You can buy a cheap hosting SSL certificate from GoDaddy and save some cash.

  • Extended Validation SSL Certificates – choosing this type of certification will deliver the following visual indicators:
  • Web browser address bar changes  color from white to green
  • Legally incorporated name of the website owner will be prominently displayed at the address bar.  This is the only way that the company name can be displayed on the address bar of the web browser.
  • The standard HTTP on the URL will be automatically changed to HTTPS to instruct the web browser that the connection to the web server will only use SSL technology.
  • The yellow padlock icon will be activated to indicate that the web browser is entering SSL connection mode with the web server.  If the padlock is not displayed or the symbol is broken, then SSL is not activated.
  • Standard SSL Certificates – this covers the visual indicators for both Organization Validated and Domain Validated SSL Certificates like:
  • The standard HTTP on the URL is changed automatically to HTTPS to indicate a secured connection to the web server using SSL technology.
  • A yellow padlock icon will be displayed at the bottom of the web browser window to indicate that an SSL connection has been successfully established.  Other types of icon indicate the absence of an SSL connection.

It is important to understand that an SSL Certificate is not intended to protect the actual transaction between the seller and the buyer.  The main purpose of the certificate is to guarantee to the buyer that the correct website is being accessed and not just a pretender website.  This misconception should be clear before you buy SSL Certificate.

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